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Nissan Titan Chalenge the Giants

Since the appearance of the premiere in New York Motor Show, at april 2003, the Nissan Titan continues to receive attention from the automotive industry, USA. This is because the Nissan Titan appear openly and frontally challenge the dominance of local brands of their power in the region.

Nissan's all-out to catch up on full-size pickup segment. The designers who worked on NissanDesign America, Inc.. (NDA) in La Jolla, California glaring local pickup strength, adopt and strengthen the character who was later applied to the Titan, Nissan's full-size pickup first in history.

Nissan took the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram as a model (the first two models are the best selling car in the USA). For this reason, some people who never tried a judge of character and engine throttle power similar to the Chevy Silverado. Of course Nissan denied.

Nissan V-8 engine with a capacity mighty giant, 6.5-liter that produces more than 300 hp (exact figures are not yet announced). With 90% of torque (up to 375 lb-ft) can be obtained starting from 2500 rpm spin, promising acceleration stunning Titan truck enthusiasts.

Much more use of the system of five-speed automatic transmission, it looks like the Titans would give the sensation response tergesit and kick down the smoothest gearshift in her class.

Titan appears fierce, brutal and stocky, reflected through the figure of his body and voice. Far different from the Toyota Tundra that appears soft, smooth, and feminine.

Two body variants are offered Nissan King Cab (with rear door of innovation that can be opened 180 degrees) and Crew Cab (four doors). Tall drivers can sit in the passenger compartment to imitate a large size.

Even on Crew Cab variants, four to five big men could sit quietly relieved thanks to the space including foot space is wide enough, front and rear. When the rear seats are not used, can be folded neatly into the dividing wall, leaving a flat floor, without a barrier for additional cargo space in the interior.

As the name suggests, everything associated with these pickups are large and muscular. Ladder frame (frame) has a large cross section with fully boxed side member, which is not owned rivals.

Titan also uses a leaf to produce a better clearance control in off-road terrain. This pickup also penetrate the tough undulating terrain, shake control and shock-resistant body, something that can not be promised competitors. Steering system is rack-and-pinion wrapped in rubber, sufficient precision to size pickup truck.

Titan is equipped with the ability to shift-on-the-fly on a part-time 4WD variant (moving from high 2WD, 4WD high and 4WD low). The process was conducted with an electronic torque-transfer system that works with the traction control brake system is activated to generate maximum grip on the path.

The interior offers plenty of options, including the model seats, audio system, DVD navigation and entertainment systems. Security system with immobilizer is standard knacks. While the safety system including side and curtain airbags, and rear-parking proximity sensors. The four-wheel disc brakes and ABS are managed to provide termination power energized.

With such provisions, the Nissan Titan has a great opportunity to attract consumers. Only one major weakness, Nissan has no brand loyalty, something important to fight in the pickup truck segment. Because of that, Nissan was not too grandiose. They only produce 100 000 units per year from its plant in Canton, Mississippi.


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