Senin, 03 Mei 2010

World Hunger Causes

Malnutrition, hunger, is a general term indicating the absence of some or all key nutrients that are necessary for normal human health. protein energy malnutrition, the basic and the most dangerous type of hunger strikes every fourth child on the planet. Although the world produces enough food to feed everyone on the planet, part of the population have some form of malnutrition. The reasons are complex but the answer can not be broken into three main categories: poverty and unequal income distribution, population growth in developing countries, and priorities set by world leaders and the community.

Poverty and unequal income distribution is the main cause of world hunger and direct. When it comes to First World countries, the problem is usually shifted to the quality of life, but in the Third World focus may be only a mere life support. Poverty, in turn, is also caused by a number of main reasons for that is lack of capital investment in developing countries. Third World countries, having little capital to invest in technology solutions in agriculture, have a low efficiency and hunger, in turn, leads to poverty, such as the declining quality of the workforce.

Population growth in developing countries leads to a decrease in net income per capita and, therefore, as another major cause of hunger. Third World countries with low production efficiency tend to have higher rates of population growth then the first world countries, which contributes to an imbalance and complicates the situation.

In order to solve the problem of hunger in the developing world leaders in setting priorities in international politics should primarily focus on two main causes - poverty and unequal income distribution in hand with growth population. Inability to set priorities to consider these two cases has a greater negative impact on the problem of world hunger, because while the solution is delayed, the problems only get worth.

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