Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Which Your Guitar To Learn On?

In this word there are 3 kinds of guitar that we usually play it,They are Acoustic Classical,Acoustic,And Eletric guitar
These guitars are excellent to learn,
Each Kind of guitar produce unique sounds and different style of play.Like electric guitars require things like cables, amplifiers, speakers and power. With the acoustic guitar you only need a pick.
The other great thing about acoustic guitars is that you can raise strong. When you are learning it is probably better to play on a guitar is not going to be too loud, just loud enough so that the ears can hear your errors and your good performance.
Unless you know what type of guitar you want to play on, ask yourself, 'what kind of music I want to play?' Choose a song you like for its guitar sound. Listen to the sounds of guitar and only guitar sounds. I'm clean, soft sounds? O is hard, heavy or distorted? Generally, acoustic guitars are softer and cleaner. Distorted, heavy sounds from electric guitars that are plugged into amplifiers and effects. Can you hear individual notes being chosen or are the strings being strummed hard? The more you play, the strings often need to be. You know what style you want to play.
OK you have found a style of music you like. Trying to discover what the band video for that song is watching. There will probably be a section where the band is playing.
In this part, look at the guitarist. Is he / she playing on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar? What brand is it? What style? If you know the exact guitar from the video, you can ask to play it on your local guitar shop to see if it suits you.
People play guitar for many different reasons. You need to understand what you want out of the guitar. To discover your musical tastes guitar, listening to different styles and genres. Ask musicians music shops about what kind of guitars different bands use, or ask them what kind of amps / effects those artists use to get that sound.
The answers may not be accurate, because you will think about what you need to buy to get the sound you are after.
For more information on achieving different guitar sounds, see our articles on basic guitar effects and guitar manufacturers and models of guitar.

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